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EK Modernism
My project addresses how new towns like East Kilbride in Scotland were conceived as a one-stop solution for urban rejuvenation in the early 1950s. These centers were driven by modernist concepts in urban...
Hotel Stirling


Every Bus Stop in Surrey, BC
Influenced by previous works such as Simon Patterson’s “The Great Bear,” Ed Ruscha’s photobooks, and, perhaps, the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher and Alan Sekula...
Capital Series
For this body of work I’ve examined Tokyo and London’s transportation lines. These seemingly unlike areas share cross cultural histories undetected perhaps by site but well documented in print...
In my most recent digital work, I address the ideologies of two modern art movements, Pop and Hard Edge or Minimal painting, in their most reduced forms...
This series takes its name from a home at the Vancouver street number “3176.” The series’ images examine various interior details as the house changes from a home to a demolition site...
Selling beauty products involves appeal and color branding. These products offer everything to consumers from youth to new identities...